With the outbreak of the Covid19, it appears that there is still a combination of Westphalian governance (represented by governments) and post-Westphalian governance (represented by civil society and the market) at three national, regional and global levels with a focus on government activism. In fact, although the rapid spread of this virus worldwide can be considered a manifestation of globalization in the 21st century and shows the transition to a post-Westphalian order and beyond borders, but how governments deal with this virus to manage it is completely within Westphalian fits. Now the virus has spread all over the world and there is not a place in the world where this virus has not been spread, but the way of dealing with it has been different in different countries. Therefore, the purpose of holding the International Conference on ‘Consequences of COVID19 for Different Regions of the World’ is to find out the experiences of other countries and regions in the face of the Corona virus and the impact it has on various economic, political, social, environmental and governance fields of regional studies.


International Conference

Consequences of Coronavirus

for Different Regions of the World

Conceptual and Practical Dimensions

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